Charlotte's Web CBD

Reasor’s is now carrying Charlotte’s Web CBD.  This isn’t just any CBD product. Charlotte’s Web is a full-spectrum CBD extract, which means the product contains not only CBD but other natural occurring extracts of the hemp plant.

Charlotte’s Web was created on the thought process that wellness isn’t a one size fits all solution.  Their product is carefully grown, with quality care in every step.  Their mission is to help others, and they do that by producing the best products they possibly can.  Charlotte’s Web only uses the highest quality parts of the plants--the flowers and stems of the hemp plant, and use healthy soil, because healthy soil grows healthy plants.  They grow fully natural and sustainably to protect the earth as well as their products.

Quality of CBD is all in the details. Charlotte’s Web is committed to best CBD product possible.  Quality assurance is completed by soil testing, plant testing, and final product testing.  Laboratory analysis is available for all their products simply by scanning the QR code on the packaging.

So, now you may ask, what exactly IS CBD?  CBD is NOT marijuana and does not come from the marijuana plant.  It comes from the hemp plant and is known for supporting the body and mind in various ways.  Charlotte’s Web has an array of beneficial cannabinoids, such as CBD (Cannabidiol), CBC, CBG and other beneficially phytocompounds.

Charlotte’s Web CBD comes in several different forms and strengths.  Oils are available in four different strengths and in different flavors as well!  Gummies are available in 10 mg doses and targets three major goals: sleep, calm, and recovery.  Capsules are available in 15 mg or 25 mg strength and they even make a topical skin balm.  It comes scented, unscented and in three different sizes.  We also carry pet products to help our animal family members.

Reasor’s is sure to have a Charlotte’s Web CBD product to fit any need you may have.  Visit our friendly pharmacist to find out more!