Reasor’s is proud to carry Prairie Fresh® pork. We know that it’s important to have flavorful and delicious pork options with the comfort of knowing that it is humanely raised and from the good ‘ole USA. Prairie Fresh owns their farms and oversees every step of the process. Farms to trucks. Processing facilities to grocery shelves to kitchen tables. That’s how they guarantee the best pork for you and your family.

The Prairie Fresh animal care policy means that each pig is humanely cared for by a team of veterinarians to create a healthy, comfortable environment. This team walks and monitors the barns every day to ensure proper care.

The pigs are given space to interact with one another, plus fresh water and a controlled diet that is specially developed by vets and nutritionists. The feed is packed with vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy and reduce the need for antibiotics. When their vets deem antibiotics are necessary to improve a pig’s health, it is recorded and administered responsibly and safely.

Prairie Fresh adheres to standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the North American Meat Institute and the National Pork Board’s PQA Plus Program.

Minimizing environmental impact is a focus at Prairie Fresh as well. The land is their livelihood and they are committed to protecting it. Their environmental policies are designed to ensure that operations meet or exceed all applicable requirements. Their resource management team oversees policies to make sure that they are always doing the right thing for the environment and implementing improvements where they can.

Prairie Fresh®️ Natural:

Fresh cuts that are simply made and simply delicious. This all-natural pork is minimally processed with no artificial ingredients. That means these cuts contain no solutions or ingredients and the only processing that occurs is when the pork is trimmed and cut from the pork carcass.

Prairie Fresh®️ Signature:

More than ever, consumers are looking for simple solutions to the age-old question of “What’s for dinner?” That’s why Prairie Fresh Signature pork features a wide range of cuts and flavors made to come out tender and delicious every time. Busy families on the go and low-effort home cooks seeking no-hassle solutions can turn to Prairie Fresh Signature to help put a wholesome, flavorful meal on the table that anyone would be proud to serve.

Prairie Fresh USA Prime®️:

Introducing the best of the best. Each cut is hand-selected from the top tier of their finest all-natural† Prairie Fresh®️ pork as assessed by industry-leading predictive technology. Prairie Fresh USA Prime™️ consistently delivers as close as you can get to pork perfection: superior tenderness and rich, juicy flavor in every bite.

Marbling, combined with optimal color and superior tenderness, delivers the best pork eating experience. This truly is the best of their best.