Sponsorship Requests

Proud supporter of our local community.
Proud supporter of our local community.

Thank you for thinking of Reasor’s for your sponsorship opportunity.

Each sponsorship request is carefully evaluated on an individual basis. This review process takes 6 to 8 weeks. Requests for sponsorship not received at least 6 weeks prior to the event will not be considered for sponsorship. For sponsorships or donations of $1000 or more, it is strongly suggested to submit your request 12 weeks in advance. This extended time frame allows more opportunity to allocate funds appropriately. Our Sponsorship Committee will review your request and respond accordingly outlining our participation in your event. Due to the enormous volume of sponsorship requests Reasor’s receives, we are unable to sponsor every community event and we will not accept sponsorships that come through the mail.

Reasor’s is a proud supporter and sponsor of numerous corporate and community events throughout Northeast Oklahoma. In 2019, to name a few, Reasor’s supported the following causes on a corporate level:

  • We believe that it is our duty to help our community and our environment. We want to reduce waste and increase sustainability. That’s why we have a perishable pick up program in place to donate all unsalable, surplus, distressed, or close to date food directly to the Eastern Oklahoma Community Food Bank. Every week the Food Bank receives these items from our stores and delivers it to those in need in our community.
  • Food 2 Families promotion benefiting the Eastern Oklahoma Community Foodbank raised a total of $158,096 in 2020.
  • The Spring for Meals promotion benefiting the Eastern Oklahoma Community Foodbank raised a total of $88,887.96.
  • Recycle Hope benefitting the Eastern Oklahoma Community Foodbank raised a total of $244,289.43 since 2011. Customers that bring reusable bags have the option of donating a .06 credit per bag used to the foodbank or .06 off of their grocery bill.
  • Supplies for Schools promotion benefiting local schools raised a total of $25,289.43.
  • Salvation Army: $5000 matched on the first day of bell ringing
  • Junior Achievement: $10,000 per year

Sponsorship requests are only considered if they directly benefit the communities we serve and if they support health and wellness, education, the environment, community services, and arts and culture.

We wish we could lend our support to every request we receive, however there are several types of requests that Reasor’s is unable to accommodate. They include:

  • Individuals
  • Political campaigns
  • Religious affiliations
  • Employee recognition events
  • Sports teams, school-related activities or sports
  • Individual schools, public or private
  • Requests outside of Oklahoma and our trade area

Please complete the sponsorship request application. Be sure to list exactly what you are looking for from us including the dollar amount. Also, a 501(c)3 or W-9 Form must be provided.  If a 501c3 or W-9 form is not provided, your request will not be considered.

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